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Industrial Programs

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Nursing Programs

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German Language

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in Dubai, with German standards

+ guaranteed employment in Germany

Why Atticus Academy?

Why go vocational?

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  • We train you with German vocational standards and highly experienced teachers, all certified by the German Chamber of Commerce and MoH respectively

  • We certify you! - Our graduates are certified directly by the German Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Health respectively. - Both are respected certifications accepted by many countries in Europe and beyond.

  • We employ you in Germany after graduation - guaranteed.

  • We match your training needs: 3-year programs for high-school graduates, and 1-year post-graduate courses for BSc holders in nursing or technical fields

  • We give you the language skills: German language classes are part of the programs.

  • We integrate theory and practise. -  All our courses are heavily weighted towards practical skills. - You will train in our technical workshop, in our nursing lab and Dubai hospitals respectively.

  • Dedicated student coordinators are there to assist with every step of your vocational journey


Technical specialists and nurses are in short-supply in Europe

Many big and medium-sized manufactures and health-care providers seek skilled technicians and nurses, trained in the latest standards. These jobs are well-paid and promise a long-term career ahead.


High-school leavers - get a clearly defined skill


Vocational studies train an individual for a precise job, unlike most collage degrees, which are kept more general and theoretical. Vocational studies train a person with the skills and abilities compulsory to do a specific job. The course programs are often drawn up after taking recommendations from local employers.

In classroom-based teaching combined with practical training the students receive a rounded education.  Precise job-matching and speedy employment is the result.


Post-graduates - Successful career progression

People, who are already working and want to get an additional education to progress in their professions but cannot afford to take a four-year break for another college degree, can choose a vocational course to improve their skills and deepen their specialization. Time spent on such post-graduate classes is generally short yet adds specialized knowledge and skills to progress in one’s specialty. This gives higher chances for advancement and promotion.


training & certification

from Germany, conducted in Dubai

Meet Us


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Great Teacher

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Head of

Industrial Training

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