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Why Go Vocational?

Technical specialists and nurses are in short-supply in Europe
Many big and medium-sized manufactures and health-care providers seek skilled technicians and nurses, trained in the latest standards. These jobs are well-paid and promise a long-term career ahead. ​

High-school leavers – get a clearly defined skill
Vocational studies train an individual for a precise job, unlike most college degrees, which are kept more general and theoretical. Vocational studies train a person with the skills and abilities compulsory to do a specific job. The course programs are often drawn up after taking recommendations from local employers.

In classroom-based teaching combined with practical training the students receive a rounded education.  Precise job-matching and speedy employment is the result.​

Graduates – Successful career progression
People, who are already working and want to get an additional education to progress in their professions (Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, Engineering, Hotel Management & Hospitality, Marketing and Accounting) but cannot afford to take a four-year break for another college degree, can choose a vocational program to improve their skills and deepen their specialization. Time spent on such classes is generally short yet adds specialized knowledge and skills to progress in one’s specialty. This gives higher chances for advancement and promotion.

Why Atticus Academy?

We qualify you! with German vocational & technical standards with highly experienced teachers, all certified by the German Chamber of Commerce.

We certify you! Our graduates are certified directly by the German Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Health respectively where both are respected certifications accepted by many countries in Europe and beyond.

We employ you! in Germany after successful completion of your program.

We give you the language skills – German language classes are part of the programs.

We integrate theory and practice – All our courses are heavily weighted towards practical skills.

Dedicated student coordinators are there to assist with every step of your vocational and technical journey.

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