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How do I register for a course?

There are two ways: register online via our "apply" buttons you will find around the site. Here you can also attach supporting documents. Register by sending us our registration form as e-mail attachment along with supporting documents.

What are your fees?

you can find our complete list of fees here. Please note that there is a non-refundable registration fee of AED1500 payable before your application will be reviewed and pay attention to all items payable immediately after acceptance and other items payable throughout the course. Tuition fees can be paid per semester or one year in advance which avails a 5% discount.

How can you guarantee employment in Germany?

Our programs are drawn up in close cooperation with local employers in Germany. Therefore we are aware of the demand and can indeed give this guarantee. Contractual agreements to this end are in place. However, please refer to our disclaimer, for caveats not under our control.

Do I have to be a registered nurse to work in Germany?

No. Employment will be referred based on skill level. With the certificate you receive through Atticus Academy you can, however, apply to become a registered nurse in Germany. A seperate certification process applies on which our partner in Germany will be able to advise.

Can I only work in Germany with my Atticus Academy certifiation?

No. German vocational qualifications are respected and accepted in many countries. Especially German nursing degrees do not require equivalency processes in many countries.

I don't live in the UAE, can I still join Atticus Academy?

Yes! We accept both domestic and international students. For international students the same tuition fees apply, but health insurance (mandatory!) premiums are different, they also should pay for accommodation (unless available through their private arrangements) and they must obtain a student visa. All the above will be facilitated through Atticus Academy.

Is the instruction language German?

3-year programs: the instruction language is English for the first 2 years, while the 3rd year is conducted in German. 1-year programs: instruction language is English. Please note that all our programs include German language classes leading up to B2 level so that our graduates are fit for working in Germany.

What if I fail the final exam?

The Goethe Exam can be repeated as often as necessary, but must be passed at 75%. IHK / MoH exams can only be repeated once, the fee is 550Eur in this case.

What is the procedure in Germany?

Our partners in Germany will arrange for the employer / internship provider during the last year of studies in Dubai and assist with obtaining the German visa. Upon arrival in Germany there will be airport transfer and onboarding with the employer. Our partners will also facilitate accomodation and stand ready to answer questions and render assistance if possible. Please note that accomodation and all other aspects of life are in the hands of and to the account of the student. We are only rendering assistance.

How long after registration will I be notified of the result?

Within 2 weeks if all documents are in order and have been vetted to our satisfaction. If more clarification is necessary the process may take longer. We therefore recommend to apply earlier rather than later. Please watch out for our application deadlines which will be specified closer to the starting dates of each program. 1-year programs can begin any time once a critical number of students has come together. 3-year programs have fixed starting dates in September and January.

What is the difference between domestic students and international students?

While most our students are not of UAE nationality, many already reside in the UAE under a vsia spsonsorship, prior to starting their program. These we call "domestic students". Those who relocate to the UAE specially for their studies we call "international students". For the latter it is compulsory that they take up health insurance and visa through Atticus Academy, while domestic student may choose to remain under their current visa sponsorship and arrange for their private health insurance.

Do you have online classes?

We will conduct online classes for our 1-year programs shortly and, if desired, for our language classes. Please check back with your coordinator for details. For our 3-year programs we do not have online classes as they are made up of a minimum of 60% practical instructions which require the physical presence of the students in our workshop / nursing lab / and the hospitals.

What is your Covid19 regime?

We strictlly operate in line with the rules and regulations of the UAE government. In our physical classes we ensure physical distancing of 2m between students and teachers and provide online lessons whereever possible. Our instructors are either vaccinated or must present a negative PCR test once a week in line with KHDA requirements.