How do I apply?

To enroll with the Atticus Academy, applicants must complete our application form and send it to info@atticus-academy.com . The form can be filled out in soft copy. 

When should I apply?

An applicant can apply to the Academy at any time, provided that the start of the program will be the next commencement date.  Please refer to the respective program page

Where do I send my supporting documents?

Supporting documents must be submitted along with the application form either via email or online (upload scanned copies with the online application form) to the students Administration & Registration Officer in the Academy.

Is English Language required, if yes, what qualifications do I need?

Yes, English language is required; you must demonstrate an English language qualification. 5.5 for ILTS = 46-59 TOEFL 

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates will be handed out immediately after passing the requirements of the SWS program (1 year program) or 3rd year (industrial and nursing classes) respectively.

What courses does Atticus academy conduct?

Nursing and industrial programs, each are provided for high school graduates (3-year programs) and Skilled Worker and Specialist (SWS) program for university graduates candidates (1-year programs). 

Does AA apply for student visa?

Yes, AA applies for student visas for all students in Dubai except the following: 

Students under the age of 18 may remain under their present UAE sponsorship arrangement.

Female students above the age of 18 may choose to remain under their father’s sponsorship if they wish.

Is the instruction language German?

The first two years of the Industrial and Nursing programs are taught in English while the third year is in German language. The students will attend intensive German language classes for the first two years to reach B2 level. 

Do you accept international students?

Yes. For international students we offer accommodation at additional fees and also assist with the student visa application in Dubai.

Are the teaching materials and other equipment included in the tuition fees?


Is employment / internship guaranteed in Germany?

Yes. Exceptions are listed in our disclaimer 

Is there proof that Atticus Academy provides German standard curriculum and provides a job opportunity in Germany?

Upon request we can provide the relevant documentary proof. 

How long does it take for the agency to find the appropriate internship or job in Germany?

For the Diploma in Industrial Mechanic and Nursing Programs, there is an internship fee payable at the beginning of the 5th semester to enable our partners in Germany to arrange for an internship by the end of the 6th semester. Therefore, the internships will be ready straight away after graduation in Dubai. 

 For SWS Program, the employment referral fee is payable at registration and enables our partners in Germany to arrange for employment during the year, which is then also available right after graduation. 

What happens if Atticus does not find employment / internships for me?

Demand for IHK certified specialists is high in Germany and programs are drawn up based on this demand. Therefore, this situation will not arise. We guarantee placement. Refer to disclaimer.

What are the requirements to be accepted for employment / internship in Germany?

Students must pass the IHK examinations throughout the program and the final exam conducted by IHK Testers at the end of the course.

 Students must also pass the Goethe Institut language exam at B1 or B2 level respectively  (75% score). 

How flexible are the programs?

Our programs are designed to be as time-sensitive as possible. Therefore, we only offer full-time programs at this stage (5 days/week, 8hours/day).

Is there accommodation offered in Dubai?

AA offers accommodation at an additional charge for foreign students and those from emirates other than Dubai.

Do you provide insurance? What is the process?

Health Insurance is mandatory. If local/resident students are already insured by their sponsor, AA insurance is not required. We can arrange for insurance for any student. The premium is payable by the student. 

Do you provide transportation?

AA provides transportation at additional fees. 

Do you avail discounts?

If the student elects to pre-pay a full year, we avail a discount of 5% off the tuition fee. 

Does Atticus Academy provide scholarship?

No scholarships to be provided yet. This is planned for the near future, though. 

Are the fees for student visa included with the academic tuition?

No. While we apply for the visa on the student’s behalf, every student has to pay for the visa at his/her expense. 

What is the process of payment? Will it be on installments?

Payments can be made via bank transfer.  Fees are payable each semester. We avail a 5% discount if 1 year is paid in advance and installments can be arranged on individual cases.

What is the procedure when students arrive to Germany?

One year before graduation our German partner begins the process for job / internship placement. This is the reason why the respective fee is payable one year ahead of graduation. Once established the student will be on-boarded and introduced to the employer.

 Our partners in Germany facilitate many services such as the airport pick up, accommodation, German Visa. See our disclaimer for exclusions.

In case of failing the IHK exam or German Test is there second attempt?

The Goethe Exam test can be repeated as often as necessary 

The IHK exam can only be repeated once. 

In case of 2nd attempt in IHK test, how much does the student have to pay?


Can supporting documents be provided after registration as long as it’s provided before our classes start?

Yes, but stipulated deadlines need to be respected.

How long does the acceptance take after registration?

If all documents are in order and can be vetted without further process, and payment is received by the stipulated deadline, acceptance should be ready within 2 weeks after registration 

When are the payment deadlines?

2 weeks before each semester or the start of the SWS Program’s professions

Is the Goethe Exam fee / book included in the tuition fee?

No, this has to be paid by the student.