Even if you are not living in the UAE you are welcome to train with Atticus Academy in Dubai and enjoy all our unique benefits.


We provide housing, transport, visa and health-insurance for our international students.

Why study in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the great educational destinations of the world.

Dubai offers a safe and modern environment for young people to explore their talents. 

We are located in Academic City which has a wide variety of international universities and colleges, providing a unique learning and community environment for students. 

Dubai is one of the most exciting social destinations of the world. Meet many cultures in one place, enjoy world-class entertainment, great beaches, a wide variety of leisure activities and many social groups and clubs. All within 45min of whereever you live in Dubai.

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Atticus Academy provides housing for our international students and those living in emirates other than Dubai.

A variety of options is available. 

Of course you may choose to make your private arrangements instead.

Housing is charged seperately.

Indicate if you require housing in your application form

Once your application has been approved you may book your accommodation via this link.

Our preferred provider is UniNest who have dedicated themselves to providing safe and sophisticated housing options for students.

In close proximity to Academic City, UniNest student accmmodations are an ideal option for our international students.

Apartment Building

Health Insurance

For international students it is compulsory to take up health insurance with their educational institution.

Therefore Atticus Academy will arrange for your health-cover for the duration of your training with us.

Health insurance is included in your fees.

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Why Atticus Academy?

  • We train you with German vocational standards and highly experienced teachers, all certified by the German Chamber of Commerce and MoH respectively

  • We certify you! - Our graduates are certified directly by the German Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Health respectively. - Both are respected certifications accepted by many countries in Europe and beyond.

  • We employ you in Germany after graduation - guaranteed.

  • We match your training needs: 3-year programs for high-school graduates, and 1-year post-graduate courses for BSc holders in their respective fields.

  • We give you the language skills: German language classes are part of the programs.

  • We integrate theory and practise. -  All our courses are heavily weighted towards practical skills. - You will train in our technical workshop, in our nursing lab and Dubai hospitals respectively.

  • Dedicated student coordinators are there to assist with every step of your vocational journey

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Atticus Academy can arrange for transport from your residence to the school on a daily basis.

Charges vary based on where you stay.

Therefore please contact us below for details and a quote.

If you require transport please indicate so in your application form.

Parked School Buses

Student Visa

For international students it is compulsory to take up a study visa under the sponsorship of their educational institution.

Therefore Atticus Academy will arrange for your student visa for the duration of your training with us.

The student visa is included in your fees.





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